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Published: August 6, 2020

Report of Malindi mission, august 2019

In August 2019, a group of six members of UNGOMI para-church ministry went for a mission to a village called Abura in Malindi sub-county, Kilifi county. The team was led by UNGOMI National Director and founder, Apostle Engineer Stephen Ruto. Members of the team included the UNGOMI General secretary, one pastor, and three other UNGOMI members.

The village where the mission was held is deep into the semi-desert place over 120 km away from Malindi town. The missioners were hosted by Bishop Madiva and his wife Rev Linah.  

The mission took four days and the main activities included evangelism, counseling, revival meetings, and dedication of the church built by the host Bishop Madiva.

The church that was to be dedicated was built at a cost of 1.5m Kes. The Bishop testified how he got the money to build the church miraculously in such a place. He said he took a lot of time to pray and fast for the funds. During the time of prayers, he could go to the unfinished church structure, place his phone on the alter place then tell God to touch someone to send money to him through the phone. Sure enough, God would touch people at various times to send money. This is how he managed to get a bigger portion of the funds to complete the church.

Despite being the Bishop with over 12 churches in entire Kilifi county and also the UNGOMI Regional Coordinator in charge of Coastal region, he said that he made all the blocks that completed the church using sand and cement with the help of his youth members of the church. This was because he had inadequate funds to hire people to make the blocks.

Abura village where the church is situated can only be accessed by crossing wide River Galana on foot. But the crossing of the river is done at great risk of being caught by crocodiles which live in it. There is a living testimony among Bishop Madiva’s church members of a middle-aged lady whose arm was damaged after she was saved miraculously from the jaws of a crocodile by good Samaritans. Besides, the Bishop himself at one point escaped narrowly from being caught by a crocodile when crossing the river. However, the crocodile managed to snatch from him a neighbor’s teenage child he was assisting to cross the river, and the child was eaten by the animal. Besides, the village is inhabited by elephants. The villagers however have learned how to coexist with these dangerous wild animals. 

Below are the pictorials of Abura village where UNGOMI members from Kitale went for a mission in August 2019.

During the mission, a lady was born again, several youths were counseled and one church member was healed from swellings on the leg which had hindered her from walking well for some time.

The village dwellers are very receptive to the Gospel while the church members are in serious need of proper teaching to ground their faith.

Another mission has been scheduled to be done in the place in August 2020 when Bishop Madiva will officially be ordained into the office of Bishop and his wife Linah be officially ordained into the office of Reverent.

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